There was a error initializing the application.

Froo! Smart Social was unable to gain authorization to access the data of your account, this is because the third-party authorization has been revoked by yourself, eBay (for security reasons), or the token has expired.

If you want to continue to use Froo! Smart Social, you need to agree to give Frooition Inc. access to your eBay data. Without this, the application will not function.
To grant authorizaton:
Go to "Manage Applications" on eBay, by hovering over the applications tab
and selecting Manage applications. (Shown right).
Or, clicking this link.
You will see a list of all of the applications you are subscribed to. Next to Froo! Smart Social you will see a message from eBay explain that authorization is not valid. Click the See more info link. (Shown bottom left).

Next, you will be asked to grant permision for the app to access your data, click I agree (shown bottom right).

Finally, select Froo! Smart Social from the applications tab to restart the app.

If the problem persists, please contact our customer support team.